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Sheepy™ Mug - Spotty Flock Design Sheepy™ Mug - Spotty Flock Design

Inspired by the world famous spot paintings by Saatchi's foremost protégé Damien Hirst these charming and entertaining mugs bring a fine art feel to your prosaic mug of hot brew.

We were going to cut one in half and put one half in a gallery and the other half in, er, another gallery, and also encrust one with diamonds and sell it back to ourselves in syndicate form, but we wanted to sail the right side of being merely inspired by Damien Hirst and not blatantly copy his works of utter genius and significant notoriety . . .

Anyhow, though we were inspired by Damien Hirst's spot paintings to play safe we locked famous Welsh artist Dafydd Shephirst in a white room and told him we wanted a rectilinear grid motif with lots of chromatic variety and this is what he independently originated - which just goes to show that once you've leaped the chasm of insight leading to that approximate brief there are only so many aesthetic outcomes possible...

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